Patti Smith by Victor Bockris

Fantastic feature and review of Victor Bockris’ biography on Patti Smith…

Loud Alien Noize

Living the Outrageous Lie* (Part 1)

Patti Smith by Victor Bockris, 1998 UK Edition, Published by Fourth Estate

”The literary outpout of the short-lived punk movement has been largely ignored. No one came close to Patti Smith at the time in terms of her recognition as a writer.”-Victor Bockris

By Tobe Damit

I have already reviewed Just Kids andM Train before here on LAN, so I thought that by now I had a pretty accurate and complete picture of Patti Smith: Poet, punk prophet, feminist icon, rock writer; a punk-rock star mixing her distinct voice and poetry with rock and roll music.  I was so wrong. ”Just Kids” gives you an unforgettable complete picture of her childhood and early days, highlighting her relationship with now famous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and the “Chelsea Hotel” days, while ”M Train” picks up years…

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Fall Monday Playlist #02 – Drink & Drugs

The Fall in Fives

‘Mark would drink very strong tea in the morning, up until 11 am, at which time he would switch to beer. As the night went on, the whisky came out. The darker it got, the darker the liquid, the darker he became.’

Brix Smith Start: The Rise The Fall And The Rise

Mark E. Smith's likes and dislikes

Even if you have only a passing interest in The Fall, you’ll be aware that Mark E Smith was very fond of a drink. He was, like Fiery Jack, a ‘hard liver with a hard liver’. Looking back over his career, it feels like 99% of his interviews took place in the pub; indeed some interviewers tended to focus on how much alcohol Smith consumed during their conversation as much as on what he actually said. He was partial to an illegal stimulant as well, of course: he claimed to have taken acid before he started smoking…

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