Leon Horton is a cultural journalist and humorist. After gaining his masters from the University of Salford, he lost the will to live working as a court reporter (wouldn’t you?), drank himself into a corner writing upbeat “isn’t everything marvellous” crap for local magazines, and enjoyed a failed stint as the editor of Old Trafford News.

His writing has been described as “not quite what we’re looking for” and is published by Beat Scene, International Times, Beatdom, Literary Heist, Empty Mirror and Erotic Review. In January 2019, he became a member of the European Beat Studies Network.

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  1. Almost incerdible how we share the same interests!! Glad I,m not the only one who thinks that the 60’s is when everything started to really happen and open the roads to everything that is hip today! Glad you like LAN! Love your blog too!! PLZ let’s get in touch?? my FB is Tobe Damit. If you wish to do so plz leave me a message in my inbox!! Or through my LOUD ALIEN NOIZE fb page!! I’d love to get to know you better mate! Keep up the good work!!


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