Watch “Kathy Acker Docu by Alan Benson New York 1984” on YouTube Documentary about Kathy Acker in 1984 where she talks about her writing and her life in New York. Includes a nice scene with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe taking pictures of Kathy Acker. The programme was produced and directed by Alan Benson and broadcasted on Dutch television.

Introduction: Who Owns the Words Owns the Writer


Time speeds along the straights, slows at the corners, smashes through the gates. Unknown destinations broaden the mind. Brakes scream where they must. Under the Counterculture is a celebration of left-field thinking, mad ideas and strange truths from the underground - music, literature, art and philosophy, science, sex, drugs and technology -back-projected from the past, … Continue reading Introduction: Who Owns the Words Owns the Writer