Jeff Nuttall: Bomb Culture

via Jeff Nuttall: Bomb Culture Writer, teacher, artist, publisher, musician and agitator for the counter culture, Jeff Nuttall (1933-2004) was a large figure in the British pop culture landscape during the 1960s and 1970s. He knew most of the leading figures in the underground scene of the era and acted as a link in the … Continue reading Jeff Nuttall: Bomb Culture

Jeff Nuttall: Mind Bombs and Mimeographs

Nobody knows the future, but anyone who shits on The Establishment can say the worst is behind them.     Poet, publisher, teacher, painter... actor, musician, social commentator – Jeff Nuttall was a polymath and a pioneer, an anarchist sympathizer who grew up in the shadow of the atomic bomb, a jazz trumpeter who blew … Continue reading Jeff Nuttall: Mind Bombs and Mimeographs