The Cryonic Man

Interview by Leon Horton Photographs by kind permission of the Cryonics Institute Dennis Kowalski is President of the Cryonics Institute in Michigan. A fire fighter and paramedic for the city of Milwaukee, he is certified in advanced cardiac life support, advanced paediatric life support and as a CPR instructor for the American Heart Association. In … Continue reading The Cryonic Man

Cryonics: Who Wants to Live Forever?

It’s a philosophical question often posed, but if you could, would you want to live forever? What if, barring accidents, you could cheat death? Swap diseased organs for healthy ones, dead brain cells for future memories? For the vast majority of us death is just a fact of life, but to some it is simply … Continue reading Cryonics: Who Wants to Live Forever?

Introduction: Who Owns the Words Owns the Writer


Time speeds along the straights, slows at the corners, smashes through the gates. Unknown destinations broaden the mind. Brakes scream where they must. Under the Counterculture is a celebration of left-field thinking, mad ideas and strange truths from the underground - music, literature, art and philosophy, science, sex, drugs and technology -back-projected from the past, … Continue reading Introduction: Who Owns the Words Owns the Writer